Sunday, November 28, 2004

“Ad hoc, ad loc, and quid pro quo! So little time, so much to know!”

The Movie: Yellow Submarine, 1968 (Al Brodax, Jack Mendlesohn, Lee Minoff and Erich Segal, screenwriters; George Dunning, dir.)
Who says it: Dick Emery as the voice of Jeremy Hilary Boob, Ph.D., aka the Nowhere Man
The context: Jeremy is introducing himself to the Beatles, who have come to his land in a yellow submarine.
How to use it: When you’re cramming for a test or researching something new.

Happy birthday today to Leigh Peele, my freshman roommate and the person who first showed me that L.A. really could be a great place.

Maine has an amazingly good library system. The Gardiner Public Library is better than any public library in Los Angeles, except for the central one downtown. But even the smallest towns have well-tended libraries; the one in China had as good a selection of children's books as I've seen.

I just love the idea of libraries -- that you can take away a book, read it, bring it back and take out another one, and it doesn't cost anything. Except for late fees, which I wind up paying more often than I should.

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