Friday, November 26, 2004

“This was not just a matter of chance. These strange things happen all the time.”

The Movie: Magnolia, 1999 (P. T. Anderson, director and screenwriter)
Who says it: Ricky Jay as The Narrator
The context: The Narrator opens the movie by telling three stories of apparent coincidence, in which strangers came together to form life-altering patterns.
How to use it: To acknowledge synchonicity.

I don't believe in astrology -- we've discussed this -- but I'm willing to consider that it's more than coincidence that my friends and family's birthdays cluster around particular times of year -- mid-February, mid-April, the two weeks from May 30 to June 14, and from right now til mid-December.

Half a dozen people who are important to me share this birthday, including my sisters Peggy and Susan and my brother Ed. So happy birthday, everyone, and forgive me if cards and gifts arrive a little late this year. I've been distracted.

Last night I drove up to Waterville to see "Sideways" -- terrific -- and had dinner at the Senator Inn in Augusta. I even tried a little Indian pudding, which turns out to be meat-free (thank goodness), and something in the bread pudding/plum pudding family.

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