Thursday, November 18, 2004

“I’m an excellent driver.”

The Movie: Rain Man, 1988 (Ronald Bass and Barry Morrow, screenwriters; Barry Levinson, dir.)
Who says it: Dustin Hoffman as Raymond Babbitt, an autistic man
The context: Raymond wants his brother Charlie (Tom Cruise) to let him drive their father’s car.
How to use it: Ironically, to acknowledge that you’re not really a very good driver.

I'm not a terrible driver, although my friend Randy White would probably disagree with that -- don't ask, it's a painful memory.

It's a little worrying, though, that it was so easy for me to get a Maine driver's license. No written test, no road test, just an eye test, my old license, and 40 bucks. And it was even more worrying that all my information was already in the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles' computer, apparently from the car accident earlier this month. Yikes.

But now I'm official. The car's not registered in Maine yet, because the car is still in the shop -- and likely to be so until at least the middle of next week, which complicates my Thanksgiving plans. Did we already talk about deja vu?

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