Tuesday, November 23, 2004


The Movie: A Fish Called Wanda, 1988 (John Cleese, screenwriter; Charles Crichton, dir.)
Who says it: Kevin Kline as Otto, ex-CIA assassin and clueless would-be uebermensch (but don't call him stupid)
The context: Otto and his girlfriend, Wanda (Jamie Lee Curtis) have just broken into a safe to discover that the proceeds of their diamond robbery -- which they had planned to steal again -- are missing.
How to use it: To express frustration and -- uh -- disappointment.

My car won't be fixed until the middle of next week, at the very earliest. The deja vu was funny at first, but it's not any more.

So I'll be here for Thanksgiving. This morning I'm calling around to see whether anyone needs volunteers at the food bank or at Gardiner Area High School, where they're serving Thanksgiving dinner. At least this way I should meet some nice people.

Oh, and today's quotation is thanks to the ever-vigilant Susi Schulz, who suggested it last week. Several years ago I spent Thanksgiving with the Schulzes in London, and Sue and I had a traditional American Thanksgiving dinner at Simpsons on the Strand, which was mildly surreal. The British have a very different concept of cranberry sauce than we do... not bad, just different.

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Anonymous said...

FINALLY! Good work--"THE" quote made it. Frankly, I'm a little disappointed that we could have been in London with you this weekend...or last weekend or ANY weekend! Aaahhh, Simpson's...HAPPY THANKSGIVING--no matter where you celebrate it.