Saturday, October 15, 2005

Can of Corn

Who uses it: Baseball players
What it means: A ball that drops easily into the outfield, making it a cinch to catch. The opposite of a "can of corn" is a "circus catch."
How you can use it: To describe anything that's really easy.

Thanks to Jen Lechner for suggesting this phrase, which is particularly appropriate at this time of year.

It's not my way to whine about things that won't be changed -- okay, that's a lie -- BUT I still don't like the extended baseball playoffs. I'm still not used to the new divisions, and the idea of a wild card is contrary to the essential spirit of baseball, a game of angles and numbers.

The Red Sox are out of it, but if they weren't, guys would be playing baseball today in 50-degree temperatures -- if the game weren't rained out altogether, which would be more likely. (Central Maine is under a flood watch until 8:00 tonight.) It's fine for Californians and Texans to be playing baseball in mid-October, but up here in New England, it's just too cold.

Despite the bad weather, I may wander down to Portland later today. I need a little city time.

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