Monday, October 24, 2005

Five by five

Who uses it: Radio communicators, especially pilots
What it means: "Loud and clear," all communications channels open
How you can use it: When you're getting someone's message without any confusion.

Thanks to Paul Tomme for suggesting this term, which I believe was also the name of an episode of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" -- Susan, Tom, can you confirm this?

Rushing around this morning, because I'm on my way to Boston -- Libby Fischer Hellmann signs her latest novel, A Shot to Die For, at Kate's at 6:00 this evening.

Thoughts and prayers to everyone in Mexico, and in south Florida. I just heard a newscaster say that this is their 8th hurricane in 18 months. I have a feeling real estate values in the Blue Ridge Mountains will be booming this spring.

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Tom Ehrenfeld said...

It may have been the title of an episode (there's eight zillion Buffy sites out there to check), since the phrase was made famous by Buffy's friend/nemesis Faith, another slayer, of the bad-girl type however, who used the phrase frequently. In one episode where the two slayers switched bodies (I hate when that happens to me), Faith's identity in Buffy's body was tipped when she used the phrase.....