Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Home Run

Who uses it: Drive-through window staff
What it means: When a customer drives away with an order, then comes back around because something is wrong.
How you can use it: When you, or anyone, comes back to the beginning.

I don't actually know whether all drive-through window staff use this phrase. They use it at In-n-Out Burger, which is where I heard it.

Drive-in window clerk is a job I've never had, and at this point in my life I hope it's a job I don't ever have to take, unless it's for some Barbara Ehrenreich or Elaine Viets-style research project. Too hard on the feet, and on days like this, too dang cold, even if the booth is heated.

Dizzy and I got home yesterday afternoon -- thanks to the Lechners for giving Dizzy a place to stay -- just as it was starting to sleet, on top of the rain, on top of the wind. Today the "wintry mix" will continue, and we might get visible snow.

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