Monday, October 17, 2005

Hot liquor back

Who uses it: Brewers
What it means: The kettle used to boil the water that starts the brewing process
How you can use it: You can pretend to be a brewmaster when you're making a simple cup of tea, but the phrase is such a colorful one that I trust you all to come up with your own uses.

Here's the thing about cow chip bingo: it's not that exciting. You buy one or more squares of a grid marked on a field, and wait for the cow to do what cows do. Yesterday was cold and rainy, and the cow wisely stood under a tent for about an hour, then sauntered out to relieve itself -- on a square not owned by me or the Lechners, dang it.

It was a good time for us anyway, because we stayed indoors, drank Halloween ale, and ate nachos and hamburgers. And the event raised a few thousand dollars for the Freeport football team, so it was all in a good cause.

This week the Powerball's up to $340 million, so I'll have another chance to win big, and no cows will be involved.

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