Saturday, October 08, 2005

Occam's razor

Who uses it: Logicians
What it means: In any given situation, the solution with the fewest variables is usually the right one.
How you can use it: To cut off elaborate explanations.

If I wake up to find the ground wet, Occam's razor tells me that it rained overnight, not that the circus paraded through town and then the fire department had to come hose everything down.

In fact, it's still raining, but at least it held off yesterday. The Fryeburg Fair was a great time, one last blast of summer. We rode the Ferris wheel, ate fried dough, and looked at many cows and goats.

Because I played hooky for most of yesterday, today requires a little catching up -- it's just as well that it's raining. If I get my work done, I'll go see Wallace and Gromit this afternoon.

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