Sunday, October 02, 2005

Coffee regular

Who uses it: New Yorkers
What it means: Coffee with cream (or milk) and sugar; "coffee white" is coffee with only cream or milk, "coffee black" is coffee without anything
How you can use it: When you want to sound like a New Yorker, and confuse anyone outside New York City.

Today's posting is in honor of my dad, a native New Yorker who celebrates his birthday today. (He takes his coffee black.) Happy birthday, Dad.

The Lechners and I spent yesterday afternoon at the Cumberland County Fair, eating things that were bad for us and admiring the livestock.

"It seems a little insensitive to eat a steak and cheese in the cow barn," I said to Jen, watching one of the exhibitors eat her lunch next to a stall.

"True," Jen said. "On the other hand, maybe it's very appropriate. People need to know where their food comes from."

Seeing the wisdom of this, we went to visit the pigs -- and a cleaner, happier group of pigs I've never seen. Those pigs seemed so contented that I almost expected one of them to offer me his side and a carving knife, like Norman Lindsay's Magic Pudding.

All the same, I skipped the bacon this morning.

It was good practice for the big event of the coming week: the Fryeburg Fair, which starts today. Anna promised she would go, even though carnival people scare her.

Oh, and we forgot to take any pictures of my new brown hair. Jen said she liked it, but what would she say? I'm washing it this morning, and expect that will lighten it up a little.

P.S. -- It was a weekend for fairs. My sisters Peggy and Susan went to the Virginia State Fair, and the pictures are here. I can't believe deep-fried macaroni & cheese hasn't made it to Maine yet. I feel seriously ripped off.


Jennifer Lechner said...

I DO like your hair color! You said you liked my kid-how do I know that was true?

AnswerGirl said...

Hey, Gracie invited me to ride the merry-go-round with her, so she is my friend for life.