Sunday, December 05, 2004

"Did you guys ever watch the show?"

The Movie: Galaxy Quest, 1999 (David Howard and Robert Gordon, screenwriters; Dean Parisot, dir.)
Who says it: Sam Rockwell as Guy Fleegman, a.k.a. Security Chief Roc Ingersoll
The context: Aliens have kidnapped the cast of the cult TV show “Galaxy Quest;” actress Gwen DeMarco (Sigourney Weaver) is completely horrified when their alien hosts begin to eat a wounded companion.
How to use it: To make yourself and your companions accept the current reality, however bizarre it might be.

Thanks to my friend Tom for this quotation.

It occurred to me this morning, not for the first time, that Dizzy lives a much more exciting life than I do. For him, everything is fraught with adventure and possibility. Every squirrel is a new chance for him to assert his dominion, even though he's never caught one single squirrel in hundreds of tries. Every pile of leaves offers the promise of something seriously disgusting at the bottom. Every dog could be his new best friend, every cat could hold the secret of the universe -- if they just wouldn't run...

Snow is a miracle he can't understand, but loves. At the cemetery this morning, he kept trying to pick up a stick, then jumping back when he felt the cold of the snow on his teeth. He likes to sit on the snow, but he doesn't like the feeling on his mouth.

A neighbor said, "He'll be tired of it by January, like we all are." But I don't think so. Every day in the life of Dizzy is an exciting new episode.

And speaking of exciting new episodes, happy birthday and many more to Ashton LeBourgeois, who looks younger every year.

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