Tuesday, December 21, 2004

“When someone asks you if you’re a god, you say, ‘YES!’”

The Movie: Ghostbusters, 1984 (Dan Ackroyd and Harold Ramis, screenwriters; Ivan Reitman, dir.)
Who says it: Ernie Hudson as Winston Zeddemore, the fourth Ghostbuster
The context: When the Sumerian god Gozer (Slavitza Jovan) asks Dr. Ray Stantz (Dan Ackroyd) whether he’s a god, he says no – so she blasts him.
How to use it: To remind someone that confidence is half the game.

Dizzy is big, but gentle. Ashton and Joseph's two Boston terriers stand on their back paws and lean on his shoulders, and Dizzy does nothing but grumble a little. It's possible that he doesn't have a good sense of how big he is compared to Milo and Lucy, or maybe he just knows that being bigger means he has to be careful.

Whether and how to restrain one's natural powers is the central theme of The Incredibles, which I saw last night. Great movie. "When everyone is special," one of the kids says, "that means no one is." Ow.

Ashton & Joseph are off to Rome this afternoon, so I'll take care of Lucy and Milo for a couple of days before handing off the responsibility to Ashton's mom, Penny. More important, however, I need to remember to buy them some Powerball tickets before tomorrow night's drawing, because we asked Santa especially. I, at least, have plans for that $30 million.

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