Saturday, December 11, 2004

"That'll do, pig. That'll do."

The Movie: Babe, 1995 (George Miller and Chris Noonan, screenwriters; George Miller, dir.)
Who says it: James Cromwell as Farmer Hoggett
The context: Babe the pig has just won a sheep-herding contest by being polite to the sheep, rather than intimidating them.
How to use it: As understated praise for someone who’ll get the joke.

Unpacking's going to take a while. Everything that Ashton and Joseph packed came through beautifully, but a box of bowls that I packed had only two survivors, with the rest broken to pieces and in one case crushed almost to powder. It probably didn't help that the movers completely disregarded the "FRAGILE" and "THIS END UP" markings on the boxes -- I found the box of bowls underneath two boxes of books.

But it's okay. I made toast last night for the first time in about six weeks, and I almost wept when I found the box that held my silverware. No more plastic cutlery! No more paper plates!

This afternoon, Dizzy and I are going over to Anna and Tarren's to help decorate the tree and celebrate Anna's mother's birthday. Dizzy's never seen a Christmas tree, as far as I know.

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