Tuesday, January 18, 2005

“It’s not good things -- it’s celebrity deaths that come in threes.”

The Movie: Tapeheads, 1988 (Bill Fishman & Peter McCarthy, screenwriters; Bill Fishman, dir.)
Who says it: Tim Robbins as ex-security guard and aspiring filmmaker Josh Tager
The context: Josh says this to rock impresario Mo Fuzz (Don Cornelius), who wants Josh and his partner Ivan (John Cusack) to make a third music video for him on spec.
How to use it: Upon the third occurrence of any event.

Three recent celebrity deaths: Ruth Warrick, who was Citizen Kane's first wife and Phoebe Tyler Wallingford on "All My Children," back when I used to watch it; Virginia Mayo, who was the beautiful girl in almost every movie made in the 1940s; and Thelma White, who played Mae, the drug pusher's moll, in Reefer Madness. You could make it four by adding mystery novelist Charlotte McLeod, who was a bestseller in her day and is now almost completely forgotten. Sic transit.

I have to say that the insurance people have been very nice about this latest car incident. The car's been towed to the Hi-Tech Body Shop in Cambridge, and I should hear today whether it's reparable. The problem with getting it fixed and then selling it, as I said to my friend Maeve yesterday, is that how could I sell this thing in good conscience? It needs a voodoo cleansing, at least.

My friends had told me that below-zero temperatures would arrive in January, and here they are. It's -3F outside right now, or a truly impressive -19 if you're counting in Celsius. Either way, it's not the friendliest weather for pedestrians.

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