Friday, January 28, 2005

“You really expect me to believe that you’re sane and the rest of the world is mad?”

The Movie: The Haunting, 1963 (Nelson Gidding, screenwriter, from the novel by Shirley Jackson; Robert Wise, dir.)
Who says it: Claire Bloom as Theo, a psychic investigator
The context: Eleanor Lance (Julie Harris) is trying to convince Theo that she is not staging any of the mysterious things happening at Hill House. Eleanor is crazy, of course, but she's also right about the house - isn't she?
How to use it: To end an irrational argument.

The Bragdons and I have mailboxes in the same column at the Gardiner post office. Anna and I went there together on Wednesday to pick up mail, and I noticed that they had gotten their new electronic toll pass, which is now compatible with all the EZ-PASS tollbooths down the East Coast. (Maine, being Maine, had previously had its own, non-compatible electronic system.)

"Oh, I need to get one of those," I said, before I caught myself and added, "not that I have a CAR."

But there's news on the car. For better or worse, the car wasn't totaled; in fact, it had only body damage, with no damage to the engine or the engine cradle, and the repair bill will be less than that for the November crash (which was half of the total for the Pothole from Hell).

So I'm getting the car back -- maybe as soon as the end of next week -- and at that point I'll have to decide what to do about it.

After the exorcism, of course. I'm seriously considering asking Fr. Sullivan at St. Joe's to bless the car. After all, they bless throats on St. Blaise's day. They bless animals on the feast of St. Francis. I don't know who the patron saint of automobiles is, but why not a blessing for the car?


queenpat said...

Well, being the good former Catholic I was ( I converted to Judaism two years ago), I knew immediately that it is St. Christopher, the patron saint of Transportation. More here:

My parents alwayd had a St Christopher on the dashboard of the family car. No plastic Jesus, but St betcha.

But really, I would sell "christine" before she gets hit again.


AnswerGirl said...

I knew that, but I also thought that St. Christopher was dropped from the roll of saints after Vatican II, as someone who was more likely myth than reality. Still, a prayer and a candle couldn't hurt... thanks!