Thursday, January 20, 2005

“You say such amusing things. I wish I could understand you.”

The Movie: Call Me Madam, 1953 (Arthur Sheekman, screenwriter, from the play by Russel Crouse and Howard Lindsay; Walter Lang, dir.)
Who says it: George Sanders as Count Constantine, foreign minister of Lichtenburg
The context: Ambassador Sally Adams (Ethel Merman) is trying to flirt with the foreign minister at a state ball, but he is not responsive.
How to use it: To let someone know that their efforts to be entertaining aren't succeeding.

It's just a coincidence that I'm using this quotation on inauguration day, I swear. But it does seem kind of appropriate, doesn't it?

We got between six and eight inches of snow here last night. It comes up almost to Dizzy's belly, but he seems to like it.

"He's happy," one of my neighbors said this morning.

"Yep," I said.

"He's the only one of us who is," she laughed, and went back to shoveling.

I have several errands to run on foot this morning, which will be an adventure. Maybe I should bring the shovel with me, and clear the path as I go.

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